You cannot start the next chapter in your book of life, if you keep re-reading the last one. 

I have a strong commitment to live a more authentic fulfilled life.

I want self awareness, direction and focus, to evolve into my best self.

I am open to new theories, methods and approaches to achieve results.

I am willing to acknowledge why and where I am "stuck/overwhelmed"

I am willing to challenge myself.

I am willing to be REAL+RAW with myself and trust the process.

I will be accountable. If I am not, I will be curious as to why.

I am willing to face my fears and obstacles.

I realize there is not a magic want and that there will be some ambiguity and uncertainty.

I am willing to stop with the excuses, the blame and take responsibility for my life.


10-20: Coaching is challenging you? Or not a fit for you. Yet, something brought you here. Let's talk.

    *Please schedule a complimentary strategy session, for how you can get yourself ready to go. It's easier than you think!

21-30: Coaching is in your reach. It is up to you. Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters. You deserve it!

    *Please schedule a complimentary strategy session with me and talk about how coaching will support you.

31-40: Coaching is your ally. You see that YOU are your biggest asset! Good for you!!

    *Please schedule a complimentary strategy session to discuss the process and options you have.

41-50: Coaching is totally for you. You are ready to create the life you desire. Congratulations! Look out world here you come!

    *Please schedule a complimentary session and let the change begin! What have you got to lose?



Strive for progress, not perfection. Never underestimate the investment you make in yourself.

1. GET CLEAR! Write down everything that you want to achieve, want to have or want to be. Stop the spinning wheel in your head, ease the overwhelming feelings of where or how do I start and just start! Write it all down, this not only releases it all, but it will also begin the visualization process too. Clarity is calling! Answer it. If it is just one (big) particular thing, break it down into smaller steps to get there. We "can" avoid things that seem out of reach. Why do we do this?  In some case, "its too much, too many things, it'll never happen. So I'm not doing anything". These are your thoughts? This is your "default thinking", meaning how you have thought things to be true. To stop this we need to become a deliberate thinker.  Change how we think.  It's the part of your brain that believes what you tell it.  Begin this by thinking and believing "I got this! I will figure it out, step by step".  Put pen to paper, get it all out. It is all about one step at a time. This is a process, not an event. If you aren't sure? Paper blank? Is that not reason enough to have a conversation? LET'S TALK!


2. Commit! Commit! Commit! To what you want to achieve. Set a definitive achievable goal! Don't be "simply interested". Pick one thing on your list. Big or small they all matter. Think it. Believe it. Do it. This process is not as complicated as one thinks.  We [humans] live in a more complicated world than ever before, so we need to simplify.  These small action steps do that. Break it down, so it is not so overwhelming.  i.e. I want to be in better shape.  The break down: be more active, improve cardio, better muscle tone, loosen up, less tension.  Say you pick cardio initially: action step 1 ~ I will exercise in some form two or three times this week, before I turn on the tv, check out facebook or whatever ~ I WILL do 20 mins cardio.  That's it!  That is an achievable goal.  That is not overwhelming.  It is a START. You either find a way or make an excuse, change it up or stay the same.  Everything is a choice.  What is yours? If you keep doing what you have been doing and you expect different results; well, that's the definition of "insanity".  It is one simple step at a time, to feel you are positively moving towards your goal. Each action step you accomplish will give you empowerment to take on the next one. All the things you want to change or attain are a process.  BEGIN! IF you are stuck and/or cannot clearly define your goal, we need to talk, just saying.


3. Now, be honest with yourself, what is holding you back? Are you sabotaging yourself? Are you 'too' comfortable? Are you feeding your mind with negativity? Are you standing in your own way?  Be clear and honest with yourself. Answer each question and hold yourself accountable to each one. I.E.  If you say time is holding you back "I don't have time". Take it to the next level, Why don't you have time? Why isn't this a priority? Next level: How much time does it actually take? How can I make this time? I need this to be a priority. I am worth it.  You are worth it, make it a priority. This is completely in your hands: "personal blocks' are not always in the eyes of the beholder.  An outside objective perspective, asking pertinent questions, assisting you with clarity.  This will give you the "ah-ha" to move forward. This is where you will get proven results with REAL + RAW strategies, impactful conversations and uncovering the truth within! Together we will get you where you want to be! If you do not know, what or how? LET'S TALK!