COMMUNICATION: the act or process of using words, sounds, signs or behaviours to express or exchange information to express your ideas, thoughts, feelings etc., to someone else.  It is about talking, yet more precisely, in many situations, it is about listening.


Sounds simple, easy to do effectively?  Yet breakdown in communication, poor communication, blocked communication is one of the main reasons for various challenging issues arising and being present in our relationships, work and all aspects of your life.   

Foundation, let's get to the REAL + RAW of it:

WHAT IS YOUR INTENTION AND PERCEPTION:  or use the buzz word: check your mindset!

What is your intention behind what you say?  "What's your point? What are you genuinely wanting to say?" What is your perception of what is received?  "Are you listening to them? Accurately listening? Or are you 'creating' your own version of what they are saying?"


HOW DO YOU APPROACH YOUR COMMUNICATIONS?  Did you know that people approach scenarios with either wanting to have a conversation or a confrontation?  Which do you do?

People either want to primarily focus on (hammer out) the 'problem' over and over or they want to focus (circle in) on solutions?  Which do you do?


*How you say it - what's your tone?

*When you say it - your timing, is it during a fight,  is the right time of day?

*What you don't say - what you do not say provides a clearer picture then what you do say.

*Your body language - gestures, facial expressions, body language.. Your non-verbal communication

HEAR THIS, let it sit with you:  Conversation OR Confrontation?  Look at your approach, every change you want to occur begins with you. 


Be the change you want to see, and watch the change unfold in many areas of your world